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Crane Hot Line

iCraneTrax Now Allows Telematics Feeds to other Programs

 Dec. 1, 2020 - iCraneTrax, the fleet and business management software from A1A Software LLC, now enables telematics data points to feed other software programs.

That includes standard data defined by AEMP Telematics Standard ISO 15143-3 and also customized data points selected by the user.

“The benefit of sharing the telematics data feed is that it gives users control over the program they need or want to read the data in,” said Tawnia Weiss, president of A1A Software.

That program might be an OEM’s proprietary system or an off-the-shelf program that fleet managers or mechanics are already using.

No additional programming is required for sharing the AEMP-defined data points if the program that the data is being imported to is already programmed to read them. Users who want to select custom telematics data will need to facilitate the necessary programming.

iCraneTrax combines sales, dispatch, and fleet maintenance with telematics into one application to manage rental company daily operations and increase revenue more efficiently. It captures complex data from the most sophisticated crane and lifting equipment, then combines various business communications into one tool to improve coordination and communication between salespeople, dispatchers, operators, managers, and mechanics.

Now, e-signatures can be saved using DocuSign, capturing documentation of rental equipment deliveries and returns in the field using the iTeleTrax mobile app, and storing it with the customer record in iCraneTrax.



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