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Imperial Crane's Gedmin Retires After 50 Years, Lutes to Succeed Him

Larry (Whitey) Gedmin, left, is being succeeded by Scott Lutes.

June 11, 2019 - Larry (Whitey) Gedmin is retiring from Imperial Crane Services Inc. after 50 years of service. Gedmin most recently managed Imperial’s office in Griffith, Indiana. Gedmin says he plans to enjoy retirement with his dog, Jib, in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Imperial Crane’s most recent newsletter says Gedmin has been instrumental in the company’s success.


Gedmin is being succeeded by Scott Lutes, who has been with Imperial Crane for 23 years. He started as an operator in 1996 and is a third-generation local 150 operating engineer. In 2007, he was project manager at BP Whiting Refinery for the largest project that Imperial Crane has ever completed. It took four years to complete and involved more than 100 pieces of equipment and 280 operators.

Before being named as Gedmin’s successor, Lutes was involved in project development and helping with turnarounds. 


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