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Interface is the Place

The Interface ’21 conference will take place at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, Oct. 13-15.

The technology conference is geared to help fleet owners and their teams find solutions for managing their complete fleet businesses more effectively and efficiently. 

The data-driven conference will do that by connecting them with the right solutions, peers, and partners to improve the adoption of technology in fleet management.  

Its two other goals are educating Fleet Cost & Care users on best practices and generating innovative ideas for making progress with technology.

The conference brings together Fleet Cost & Care experts and decision makers from heavy equipment rental companies, manufacturers, service providers, and users of Fleet Cost & Care software. 

Since the software system integrates the whole business, from sales and dispatch to maintenance, administration, purchasing, and even safety, attendees come from ownership, management, operations, sales, accounting, billing, and risk management departments.

Talk with Experts

Attendees have the chance to network for three days with Fleet Cost & Care customers, partners, staff, and industry experts all in one place.

They can also expect to gain useful market insights and ideas for improving their businesses with technology.

They also have the chance to enhance their skills through end-user education.

Three Tracks

The Interface ’21 conference offers three educational tracks, each designed to address the needs of different users.

Track One, a data-driven track, discusses how to run a business based on predictive analytics and real-time reporting. It’s geared for owners, presidents, top management, and directors. Sessions in this track will help business leaders identify trends and patterns for making better decisions for better results. Its topics include asset management, profitability, operational costs, rental rates, utilization, advanced business intelligence reporting.

Track Two, a revenue and growth track, discusses how to use fleet-management software tools and reports to get maximum results. It’s geared for managers, directors, sales, and service staff, with topics like sales assistant, quoting, sales, revenue growth, and best practices.

Track Three, an operations track, discusses how teams can use the system daily to gain efficiency, lower costs, and instill safety. It’s for users, like sales, dispatch, billing, and accounting. Its topics include field personnel, dispatch, maintenance, and workflow from quote to cash.

General sessions for attendees from any track include cyber security, safety, and the future of Fleet Cost & Care’s products and services.

Attendees can also expect to receive dedicated one-on-one time with Fleet Cost & Care staff, network with industry professionals and gather with the brightest minds in the industry.

Fleet Cost & Care

Created by Jeff Curran, president of  JJ Curran Crane, and Ken Van Pelt, Fleet Cost & Care, helps streamline operational performance in order to improve financial performance. 

“We all need to find ways to streamline the entire workflow, from forecasting, to quoting, to handling payments,” said Curran. “We created Fleet Cost & Care to help make it easier to collect, analyze, and harness the power of data.”


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