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Crane Hot Line

Irving Equipment Improves Offerings with Two New Grove Cranes

Irving Equipment has added two new Manitowoc cranes to its fleet: a GMK5250L and TMS9000-2. With the two cranes, the Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada-based construction company is able to perform two-hook operations, which boosts its competitive edge.

“We are now better equipped to provide the best lifting solution for our clients,” said Victor Murty, operations manager at Irving. “Now we have even more lifting options. This will help us compete for and win jobs we couldn’t have previously.”

Irving works closely with Manitowoc to provide feedback to the manufacturer about what customers might want from their cranes. The crane contractor even goes so far as to provide data about the Manitowoc cranes utilization in its fleet. The latest example of this collaboration involves the fuel consumption of the TMS9000-2 and the efficiency of the GMK5250L.

“The TMS9000-2 has an automatic truck transmission, which enables us to report about its fuel usage in comparison with our other machines,” Murty said. “The GMK5250L is a one-engine crane and employs the MAXbase multiple position outrigger system. With one engine we cut down on maintenance, and the MAXbase technology enables us to better position the crane around jobsites.”

The TMS9000-2 is a Grove truck mounted crane that features a 36–169’, six-section Grove MEGAFORM boom, and has optional extensions and counterweight removal system. It also has a 115 U.S. ton capacity, as well as multiple bi-fold swingaway extension options. The GMK5250L is an all-terrain crane that features MAXbase technology, a 300 U.S. ton capacity, and a 230’, seven-section boom.

Irving has been working with Manitowoc for more than 60 years now. Around 60% of its fleet is currently comprised of cranes from Manitowoc. Irving’s dealer, Shawmut Equipment, plays a crucial role in the relationship between Irving and Manitowoc. The dealer often helps Irving identify what needs it is trying to address and then finds the solution that the construction company will benefit from the most.


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