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Jaso to Feature Two of its Newest Cranes in Bauma Exhibit

Jaso J1400

April 4, 2019 - At Bauma 2019, April 8-14, tower crane maker Jaso will feature two of its newest and largest models.

One is the J780PA, a luffing tower crane with a maximum capacity of 165,345 lbs., a maximum reach of 230’, and a maximum tip load of 12,566 lbs. It is designed to lift heavy loads in small spaces. One is already working on The Ribbon project in Sydney, Australia. Jaso’s stand will feature a video of J780PA on the job.

Jaso’s second featured model is the J1400, a huge hammerhead tower crane that will soon arrive in Singapore for its first job. The newest member of Jaso’s Top Line - H series, the J1400 can handle up to 262’ of jib, lift up to 141,094 lbs., and pick tip loads to 23,148 lbs. It features a short tower top, versatile modular and collapsible counter jib, and optimized transport and assembly dimensions. Jaso’s stand will show the first images and video of this huge hammerhead crane.

Jaso’s third featured crane will be the J560, with its characteristic short top profile, modular counter jib, and lay-flat counterweights. The J560 features Jaso’s typical design with a short and strong boom tie that optimizes weight and height for transport and assembly without giving up the advantages of a typical flat-top crane.

Also, Jaso will present its first scale model – a 1:87 replica of the J560. The models will be for sale in Jaso’s stand.

Jaso’s Bauma display will also show off the totally new JL25 tower crane operator service lift, which offers quick access to the operator’s cab.



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