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Jaso's New Hydraulic Luffing Tower Crane Lifts Up to 19.8 USt

Sept. 22, 2021 - The newly launched Jaso J198HPA is one of the biggest hydraulic luffing cranes in the market.

Its 19.8-USt maximum capacity responds to the need for a higher-capacity hydraulic luffer in the middle range (200-300tnm or 1,446,570-2,169,855 ft.-lbs.) for urban projects or high-rise construction in congested inner cities.

The J198HPA was Initially conceived as a restyling of the trendsetting J168HPA, originally launched in 2014. But Jaso decided instead to redesign the whole crane concept.

The J198HPA is designed for easy and extremely quick erection, thanks to optimized weights and maximum pre-assembly, including a completely pre-installed hydraulic ram.

That makes the slew turret, tower head, and jib pivot foot on compact assembly with all mechanisms pre-installed, using quick connectors for the electric and hydraulic systems.

The hoist winch is integrated into the boom, which allows running the ropes while on the ground. That makes assembly and disassembly both faster and safer. In addition, all platforms are preinstalled and foldable, the same as handrails, for a clean design.

All accesses are optimized to eliminate the need for safety harnesses to access control cabinets and main access points.

Weights are fully optimized and kept to minimum.

The heaviest piece is the tower head-slewing table at 13.2 USt. But even that can be reduced to 7.5 USt if needed.

The complete upper part of the crane can be transported on three trucks, and a free-standing height crane can be transported complete on just five trucks.

The J198HPA has a maximum capacity of 19.8 USt with 3-part line, and maximum tip loads of 1.71 USt a180’.

The crane can also run in Direct Pull mode only with a special slim line hook block with 6.6-USt maximum capacity, and 1.98 USt at 180’.


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