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Crane Hot Line

Jekko Rolls Out Versatile 5.5-U.S.-Ton Tracked Mini Crane

August 5, 2020 - Jekko has rolled out the latest addition to its SPX lineup of tracked mini cranes, the SPX650, a 5.50-U.S.-ton mini crane with a maximum reachable height of 77’(with jib).

The new model fills the gap between the SPX532 and SPX1280, and includes many innovations developed over the last two years with those two models.

SPX650 boasts cutting edge stabilization and hydraulic systems, new hydraulic jib and runner jib (with plug & play attachment), a lithium battery power supply, and a handy radio remote control.

It also offers the ability to work with either a hook or a winch, extendible tracks, a pick-and-carry mode, and J-Connect telemetry.

“The idea behind new SPX650 comes from the market needs, said Alberto Franceschini, Jekko export sales manager. “Our customers were looking for medium sized mini crane, with a length of the boom over 20 m and a very good lifting capacity. Operators were asking for a crane that can work both indoors and outdoors, suitable for many jobs, such as glazing, curtain-wall installation, steel erection, industrial maintenance.”








Sophisticated Hydraulics






The SPX650 uses a 100% electronically operated hydraulic system with PVG 16 proportional valves by Danfoss, the same as the SPX532 and SPX1280. The system delivers smooth, accurate movement and the ability to operate four functions simultaneously.

“The heart of the hydraulic system is a load-sensing piston pump, driven by our own power management control. That guarantees the operator all the power, speed, and control he needs, with the minimum consumption required,” said Marco Zava, Jekko R&D director.








New Stabilization System Gives Endless Configurations






From the bigger SPX1280, the SPX650 inherits the new stabilization system, which is controlled completely by radio remote control.

X-pattern outriggers with double extension by cylinder and chains offer footprints from 9.5’x9.5’ to 14.7’x14.7’. The stabilizers rotate hydraulically from 0° to 72° and also have long vertical travel for maximum flexibility is setting up in confined areas. The system considers several factors in order to determine the possible working conditions: depending on the opening angle and extension of the stabilizers, the software can define, in real time, the maximum safe working load in a specific point, with five total stability levels.








Clean, Efficient Lithium Battery Power






The SPX650 is powered by a custom designed 48V lithium battery pack with a capacity of 400 Ah. The batteries power 16 kW three-phase electrical engine. Thanks to the 220V single-phase onboard charger, the crane can work while charging. An external 400V three-phase charger is optional.

The lithium battery pack needs no maintenance, and the batteries can last for the crane’s whole life. It also allows constant performance, even with intense use with heavy loads, as well as the ability to work indoors without emission.

“This testifies to Jekko’s attention towards the environmental issues,” said Franceschini. In order to satisfy all market requirements, starting next year, the SPX650 will also be able to be equipped with a diesel engine paired with three-phase electric motor.








New 1.3-ton Hydraulic Jib






The new 1.2 tons hydraulic jib with three extensions (1 hydraulic, 2 by chain) gives a maximum reachable height of 77’, and also features a new 2.2 U.S.-ton runner jib ideal for glass installation. The jib can be stored three ways: at rest on the column, on the ground, or under the main boom. Stowing the jib under the main boom significantly reduces jib installation and disassembly times. The jib can work with a negative angle of as much as 15° for a greater application versatility.








Radio Remote Control






The practical radio remote control is the same as on the SPX532 and SPX1280, so operators will immediately be familiar with it. It features LCD display and a software developed internally by Jekko; using selectors that link to intuitive screens it allows to directly activate or deactivate all crane functions: boom and winch speed, crane’s configuration selection (pick & carry, crane, outrigger ascent and descent, tracks) and manipulator.

“We believe that SPX650 will meet the needs of our customers thanks to all the cutting edge technical solutions it implements, combined with many important features such as versatility, high performances and compact size at the same time, small stabilization area, ease of use, and last but not least the lithium battery power supply,” said Franceschini.

“Moreover, the standardization of hydraulic, electronic and software components, which fit SPX532 and SPX180 models too, will make after sales service definitely easier. The first units of SPX650 will be available starting from the end of 2020 and for all of the above-mentioned reasons we have high sales expectations,” Franceschini said.


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