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Kubota's New 200-hp Engine Named Diesel of the Year

February 20, 2019 - Kubota Corporation has won the European Diesel Of The Year 2019 award from Diesel International magazine for its new 200-hp V5009 engine.

The V5009 large displacement engine range was developed in response to new, more stringent emissions standards in the United States, the EU, and Asia. All industrial machinery manufacturers are now required to build their machines with emission certified engines that incorporate after-treatment devices.

Kubota has taken measures to comply with the various requirements from those manufacturers, in order to become the number one choice under 100 hp. The V5009 marks its entry into the 200 hp class.

Fabio Butturi, the editor in chief of Diesel International said: “It is an appropriate acknowledgement of Kubota’s Japanese engineering, its belief in the DPF (diesel particulate filter) system and improved regeneration technology.

The 5-liter displacement will become strategic in both agricultural and construction diesel engines and could become the ‘right-sized’ Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) of a hybrid package of heavy-duty machines, such as maxi excavators.”

“V5009 is a genuine industrial engine, with a good balance between reliability and performance, power density and an excellent ratio between weight, volume, and performance curves,” Butturi continued. “The fact that Kubota broke with traditional Japanese reserve to announce the 5-liter at the 2017 Las Vegas ConExpo, three years ahead of serial manufacture is a sign of just how significant the new engine is to the corporation.”

Daniel Grant, marketing manager, Kubota Business Unit Engine Europe, said: “Kubota is extremely proud and honored to receive “Diesel of the Year 2019” – especially as the first Japanese winner. It is particularly notable in a year in which new European Stage V emissions regulations have been introduced. This award recognizes Kubota’s customer commitment to drive continuous development in new, innovative and highly-efficient industrial engines that meets the market’s needs.”

“The new V5009 signifies another chapter in Kubota’s history as the business enters new market sectors with the new 5-liter, high performance, versatile 09 series,” Grant continued. “It is market ready after years of intensive development and validation testing and the Kubota engine teams should feel rightly proud that their effort and investment has been recognized.”

The “Diesel Of The Year” award will be presented to Kubota at the world’s largest construction exhibition, the upcoming Bauma 2019 event in Munich, Germany. The V5009 will be featured at Bauma as part of the largest and most comprehensive range to be displayed in Kubota’s history.


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