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Liebherr Introduces 195 HC-LH 6/12 Hydraulic Luffing Jib Crane


Liebherr has announced the availability of its cutting-edge hydraulic luffing jib crane, the 195 HC-LH 6/12. Engineered to excel in urban environments, this top-slewing crane offers unparalleled performance and adaptability. With a minimal working radius of just three meters and an out-of-work position of 10 meters, it's tailored to meet the demands of densely built-up inner-city 10 areas.

Crafted for Urban Challenges

The 195 HC-LH 6/12’s performance is enhanced by robust hydraulics. This synergy results in a top-slewing crane that can be centrally positioned on-site, offering versatility and efficiency. With a lifting capacity of up to 12 metric tons in 2-fall operation, it stands as a unique solution in Liebherr's lineup, delivering strength across all stages from transport and assembly to operation.

Adaptability Redefined

Designed to thrive in urban landscapes, the 195 HC-LH 6/12 offers adaptability to site conditions. It can be installed in lift shafts, features a reduced out-of-service position and offers minimal swing radius, making it suitable for cramped spaces. Additionally, its cabin can be mounted on either side, catering to individual site requirements and enhancing visibility for the crane operator.

Efficiency from Transport to Operation

Transporting the 195 HC-LH 6/12 rewuires just four trucks or containers. Its compact design allows three sections to fit onto a standard truck or in a single container, while its jib end section can be conveniently slid into the counter-jib for added convenience. Moreover, pre-assembly options save valuable time and ensure safety during setup.

Optimized for Performance

The hydraulic luffing system of the 195 HC-LH 6/12 offers fast and precise luffing in under 90 seconds, with the ability to adjust the jib safely even with a load on its hook. The introduction of Load-Plus allows for a 25% increase in load capacity, enhancing versatility for challenging lifts.

Enhanced User Experience

Equipped with the Tower Crane OS operating system, the 195 HC-LH 6/12 has an interface that can be customized for different users. Its LiCAB cabin offers ergonomic working conditions and clear visibility, with three available versions to suit varying preferences.


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