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Liebherr Explores New Way for Training Mobile Crane Operators

The new e-learning tool for mobile cranes was first unveiled at the customer days in Ehingen.

January 30, 2019 - Liebherr will present a new product for digital mobile crane operator training in 2019 at its Bauma exhibition stand. It is a joint product from e-learning production company Krassmann Produktion GmbH, lawyer Dr. Rudolf Saller and Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH. The new tool was unveiled for the first time at the customer days in Ehingen in June 2018.

Liebherr has been providing quality courses and training for many years, both at its training centre at the manufacturing plant in Ehingen (Germany) and also at many of its outlets around the world. Since demand for training and regular statutory guidance is growing, Liebherr has faced up to this demand from the market and created a digital range of training content for mobile crane contractors with its partners, Dr. Rudolf Saller and Krassmann Produktion GmbH. It supports training activities by crane contractors and provides the expertise in compressed form.

E-learning supplements practical training on the actual crane and is a contribution to enhancing safety during crane jobs. The new training instrument, whose contents do not just apply to Liebherr mobile cranes, is available in German and English.

Training on-site
The main benefit of the e-learning tool is that crane contractors can provide their employees with annual guidance and advanced training as well as professional qualifications at any time and regardless of their location. Armed with a personal access code, the mobile crane operator can study the training modules he wants in his own time, repeat them if necessary and complete them. The system has a progress indicator to make things easier. Each module contains relevant test questions from a pool of 220 questions in total.

There is a learning mode in which users can display the correct answer and, if necessary, switch to the appropriate training content. In test mode, a randomly selected series of questions is displayed, which the user must answer in sequence. After the final test has been passed, the learner receives a certificate which can be confirmed by the employer.

Content structure based on typical crane job procedure
The e-learning content is structured in a similar way to the typical procedure for a crane job. The content provides the answers to the following questions, among others: What needs to be considered in advance during the planning phase? What needs to be known for operating the crane at the site or place of use? What needs to be done at the end of the job?

In detail, there are topics such as legal principles, crane technology, crane physics, load chart tables, selecting the crane position, safety equipment, setting up, special conditions of use, attaching to loads, load handling equipment, crane inspections, what to do in the event of faults and much more.

Support for crane contractors in obtaining qualifications for mobile crane operators
What benefits does the crane contractor actually derive from the e-learning mobile crane training? All crane contractors are responsible for ensuring the correct qualification of their personnel as part of the annual guidance obligation. The e-learning tool provides a simple way for the crane contractor to complete its annual guidance duty and the crane operator receives a certificate to prove that he has successfully completed the training and passed the test. The certificate also enables the crane contractor to confirm that the guidance has been provided to its employees.


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