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Crane Hot Line

Lift & Move USA Provides ‘Authentic’ Career Exploration

December 4, 2018 - A recent Lift & Move USA event hosted by NessCampbell Crane + Rigging in Portland, Oregon, drew positive responses from teachers.

Lift & Move USA is an industry-led program to promote careers involving cranes, rigging, and specialized transportation. It is organized by SC&RA, the SC&R Foundation, NCCCO, and KHL Group.

Attendees came from high school or post-secondary career and technical education programs. “The student guests were a highly qualified group. Many of them are already enrolled in welding, metals, manufacturing, and carpentry programs,” said Tracy Bennett, Lift & Move USA Director. Students, teachers, and career transition specialists from more than a dozen schools took part.

“My students really got a lot out of it and it opened their eyes to definite career possibilities. Each of the NessCambell employees did a great job speaking to the kids and relating to them. This really makes a difference,” said Brian Taylor, CTE Metals Instructor for Centralia High School.

“My favorite part was listening to employees tell their stories about how they became involved in the work, their paths to success, and the pride and ownership they have with their jobs. I think it was a great way for young people exploring careers to connect with those who are successful in their careers and who, in many cases, are just a few years older than the students who toured the learning stations,” said Jennie Fennelle, senior advisor at the Center for School, Family, & Community at Education Northwest.

Education Northwest develops work-based learning materials for schools and non-profits, such as SkillsUSA. The organization researches policy, develops relationships between education and industry, and works to provide curriculum that prepares students to be both college and career ready,” said Steve Klein, director of the Center for School, Family, & Community at Education Northwest.

“Events like this are critical for taking the content and translating the skills needed by a specific industry into language used by educators for the future development of career and technical education programs of study,” said Klein.

“Lift & Move USA provided an authentic way for students to connect to learn about skills needed and careers available in this industry,” said Fennelle. “There’s nothing like getting to stand next to a 500-ton crane that puts learning in context for the student. The same information just doesn’t translate in a photo,” she said.

Industry support for the Portland event was exceptional. For the first time, the event included a tower crane, demonstrated by Morrow Equipment. Other hands-on activities were led by Lifting Gear Hire and Industrial Training International. NessCampbell's live load demonstration, which included lifting an Oshkosh truck and placing it on a trailer to be hauled away, was the culmination of mini-lessons students learned at each station related to safety, engineering, rigging, crane and transport operations.


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