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Lifting Equipment Engineers' Associaton Aims to Answer Questions within 48 Hours

March 3, 2019 - The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is encouraging any member worldwide to email any technical question he or she may have to: 

That’s the first port of call for the LEEA Technical Triage system, which aims to deliver a final resolution to a member's question within 48 hours.

The association, which is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England, has been fine-tuning the Technical Triage system to better monitor and control the technical support it provides to its members worldwide.  

Under the Triage system, LEEA has allocated responsibilities to all staff. For many, that means ensuring that they forward technical queries to the technical assistant for logging into the system.

At the most basic level, the Triage System will improve and expand the way that frequently asked questions are dealt with.

It is vital that questions get the right answers quickly. There is also an opportunity for LEEA to extract greater value from the system because it is a direct connection to the association’s members and their challenges. 

For example, LEEA can monitor industrial issues, identify training requirements, spot shortfalls in standards and legislation, and see ways to improve LEEA Guidance and industrial practices. With this greater awareness and knowledge, LEEA can start the improvement process.

Importantly, the Triage system will also maintain a single LEEA interpretation of legislation, standards, and industrial best practice, while enabling the LEEA team to focus technical resources on the critical problems.

It also offers housekeeping improvements. Those include LEEA keeping documented records of all advice given through the Triage, which enables performance to be reviewed, leading to improvement both in response time and quality.

Through the compiled data, LEEA can measure a variety of useful statistics: queries received by LEEA from the industry; technical queries received by LEEA and responses given; responses sent within or longer than 48 hours; the industry sectors and location of queries; issues requiring new guidance or industry practices; and new additions to FAQs.

That means LEEA can provide feedback to members and, in the process, highlight a significant part of what the association does.

Members can expect reports containing valuable statistics: technical queries received and responses sent; responses sent within 48 hours; questions requiring new guidance or changes to industry practices; and technical queries from specific geographical areas. 

“To gain a more accurate picture of industry issues we need all members to use the Technical Triage system,” said Ben Dobbs, head of technical services at LEEA. “We encourage members to send all technical queries in by email to as the first port of call for the Triage system. This is vital for members seeking answers to their questions, because LEEA cannot support advice and guidance if the question is not logged in the Triage system.”   

 LEEA members can send technical queries to



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