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Crane Hot Line

Link-Belt Unveils 120-Ton Teleboom Crawler Crane and Wireless Remote Control


Link-Belt TCC-1200

August 15, 2018 - Link-Belt created the new model by mounting the upperworks of its 110-ton TCC-1100 on the lowerworks of its 140-ton TCC-1400.

“This new TCC-1200 has earned its 120-ton badge. We tested and passed the new base rating at the same radius as the original 110-ton,” said Scott Knight, product manager for lattice and telescopic crawler cranes.

The TCC-1200 offers an impressive capacity chart at radius that rivals even lattice-boom crawler cranes that have a similar base rating.

The TCC-1200 has a full-power boom that’s fabricated from ultra-high-strength steel and formed in Link-Belt’s own formed factory. The main boom telescopes from 40 ft. to 150 ft. and has Teflon wear pucks to eliminate boom grease.

Its tracks can be set to three stances: extended (18’2”), intermediate (15’8”), and retracted (11’11”), a capability popular with teleboom crawler users in sectors such as energy, industrial, and infrastructure work.

Wireless Remote Control
An optional wireless remote control system is now available for the TCC-1200 and TCC-1400. It lets the operator control the crane from a vantage point outside of the cab.


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