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London Tower Cranes Orders Its 100th BlokCam System

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July 18, 2018 - UK tower crane specialist London Tower Cranes (LTC) has ordered its 100th BlokCam crane camera system. LTC installed its first hook-block-mounted camera system only two years ago.

That the company is already ordering its 100th BlokCam system exemplifies LTC’s commitment to safety and BlokCam products, says BlokCam managing director Peter Hird.

Having gone through BlokCam’s product-training programs, LTC now fits and supports all its own systems.

“This is a great milestone for both BlokCam and LTC,” said Hird. “It demonstrates that our customers are willing to invest heavily in our products.”

Martin Harvey, managing director of LTC, has said the BlokCam is one of the best investments LTC has made. “The quality, ability, and value of their camera systems are second to none. We've found BlokCam to be an invaluable asset for the crane operator, lifting teams, and business as a whole,” he said.    

[Caption] From left, Ben Windass of BlokCam and Paddy Donaghy of LTC.


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