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Crane Hot Line



June 19, 2019 – LUBE-A-BOOM has introduced their newest product, LOOSE-N-IT. After speaking with several industry leaders, a lubrication niche that was not being adequately satisfied was identified: a product that allows technicians and parts managers to quickly remove old, stripped, and/or rusty bolts from equipment.

LUBE-A-BOOM found that bolts and screws could become so worn and stripped that removing them was a time-consuming process. To alleviate this, they developed LOOSE-N-IT, which could be used in the field to assist in the removal of old and worn bolts.

LOOSE-N-IT is a four-in-one industrial lubricant and penetrant containing PTFE. Specifically, LOOSE-N-IT penetrates old bolts and screws, lubricates, displaces moisture, and resists corrosion. It inhibits rust and corrosion by adding a protective layer that creates a barrier to protect against water and oxygen infiltration, while at the same time, displacing water from electrical contact points and machinery parts.

The product provides important safety properties for crane and equipment users, where it is critical to inspect the bolts holding pieces of equipment together. These pieces generally consist of a bolt, nut, and washer, which need to be protected from the elements and replaced if worn and corroded. LOOSE-N-IT will provide inspectors the ability to extend the life of these critical pieces by keeping them rust-free and helps inspectors remove them when they inevitably become worn and need to be replaced.

LOOSE-N-IT is made in the USA and conforms to Military Specifications MIL-C-23411 for corrosion prevention.


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