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Maintainer’s New ACC 2.2 Option Makes Operation Easier

May 20, 2021 - Maintainer Corporation of Iowa’s new ACC 2.2 option for its remote controller makes service-crane operation easier, thanks to three features: automatic stability zone charts, rotate stow assist, and body collision prevention.

“Our standard advanced crane control (ACC 2.1) already monitors crane lifts and will limit speed and capacity if stability is compromised,” said Nathan Schiermeyer, director of product development and reliability for Maintainer. “Now, the new ACC 2.2 adds options that are designed to make life easier for the crane operator.”

With ACC 2.2, stability zone charts are programmed into the system. That eliminates operators having to manually calculate their maximum capacity, depending on what zone the crane is in.

The new collision-prevention feature recognizes critical areas of the truck body and mounted accessories, so the operator cannot accidentally damage the equipment with the crane.

The rotate-stow-assist feature saves time by stopping the crane when it’s aligned for stowing in the saddle.

ACC 2.1 is standard on Maintainer’s hydraulic cranes with lifting capacities of 6,500 lbs. or more. The new ACC 2.2 option is an upgrade for those cranes.

“In addition, crane and body information (including warning and alarm code activity) can be captured with Maintainer Connect, our telematics platform,” said Schiermeyer. “That data helps operators and fleet managers protect their equipment, guide necessary training, report required maintenance, and helps operators be more efficient in the field.”

Videos describing the new ACC 2.2 options can be found online at


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