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Crane Hot Line

Mammoet Continues to Develop Focus Crane

August 1, 2019 Mammoet continues to develop the Focus, an innovation which will set a new standard of heavy lifting in confined spaces. The Focus is a high capacity crane that can be erected vertically in a very small area, making it the ideal heavy lift solution for efficient and safe project execution in limited and congested spaces, such as plants and inner cities.

After the announcement of the concept in 2018, Mammoet has made adjustments to the initial design which further improve its performance. In the improved design, the crane’s upper structure is placed on a pedestal, enhancing the crane’s stability and lowering ground bearing pressures to less than 10 tonnes per sq. m (14.22 psi). The crane requires a minimum amount of space for assembly and operation, just a 22-by 22-m. (72'2" x 72'2") surface.

The second improvement is in the assembly of the crane. The Focus utilizes a climbing frame to build itself vertically, as opposed to the initial principle of an extension ladder. This is similar to the proven concept of a tower crane. ‘Sterilizing’ larger parts of a plant area for crane assembly is no longer needed and there is no need to build over live pipe racks in a plant. All in all, the assembly process is less complex, safer, more efficient, and significantly reduces the costly downtime of assembling a crane.

The new design will also include a variable superlift system, with a radius that can be adjusted under load from 16 to 30 m. This will increase the crane’s flexibility, delivering a larger operational window, especially in congested areas.

“Mammoet is excited to commence the development of the Focus as we see it as a cost saving solution for many of our customers within the power, petrochemical, and civil sectors,” says Mammoet Innovations Director Jacques Stoof. “We have worked closely with these customers to listen and understand their current and future challenges. The Focus is a direct response to their need for greater lifting capacity and flexibility within limited and congested spaces. This crane will make a significant difference to the way we serve our customers.”

The first Focus crane is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020.


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