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Mammoet Replaces Hardwood Timbers with Sustainable Bamboo

Azobé jacking timbers will be replaced by sustainable bamboo beams in Mammoet projects around the globe.

June 24, 2019 - Mammoet is making the switch to using sustainable bamboo jacking beams across all its operations. Following the success of these beams in the field, Mammoet has now made a commitment to replace hardwood with a bamboo alternative throughout the business. 

For years, the heavy lifting industry has relied on jacking timbers made from a tropical hardwood – azobé. As use of hardwood from endangered tropical forests became an increasing concern, Mammoet collaborated with 
MOSO, an international pioneer in bamboo solutions, to find a suitable replacement. After extensive operational and quality assurance testing, these jacking beams are now also available for use by other companies, for heavy lifting, transport operations, and other practical applications.
The beams are created from a bamboo and resin composite that provides increased stiffness and strength, enabling the beams to be cut to precision dimensions and hold their shape compared to azobé. Bamboo has many advantages over the traditional hardwood material, as it’s stronger than azobé, grows very quickly, and absorbs more carbon dioxide while releasing more oxygen than almost any other plant.
“Mammoet will only order bamboo jacking beams from now on,” says Mammoet’s Chief Operating Officer, Jan Kleijn. “As the global market leader, Mammoet realizes there is a need to use resources responsibly to minimize our impact on the environment. This is why we are replacing azobé with bamboo jacking timbers. This decision fits with Mammoet’s belief in continuously raising standards within our profession and working to move the world towards a more sustainable future.”


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