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Manitex Receives $2.5-Million Knuckleboom Order

Sept. 7, 2020 - Manitex International Inc., Bridgeview, Illinois, has received a contract valued at approximately $2.5 million to supply knuckleboom cranes to an international military entity.

Production is expected to start in late 2020 and extend into 2021. The contract provides for an optional $2.3 million in additional deliveries.

Steve Filipov, chief executive officer of Manitex International, said, “Our knuckleboom crane business continues to show signs of increasing penetration into this global growth market, and appears to be back on track following global delays and other challenges related to COVID-19. We have focused our resources and invested in our knuckleboom crane product lines and look forward to servicing this repeat customer with our high-quality products."

Steve Kiefer, Manitex chief operating officer, added, "We are pleased to have received another military contract for knuckleboom cranes at our Georgetown, Texas, facility. Today's announcements further support our global growth plans while also supplying equipment that supports the safety, security, and success of our country's and our allies' servicemen and women, here and abroad."


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