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Manitowoc enhances crawler crane range at Crane Days with Manitowoc MLC100-1

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June 6, 2018 - Manitowoc has revealed the newest addition to its award-winning range of crawler cranes: the Manitowoc MLC100-1 crawler crane. The company debuted the crane at its Crane Days event in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, showing how it’s the quickest crane to erect and decommission in its class, saving lifters valuable time on the job site. 

“It means a lot to debut our newest crawler crane right here in Shady Grove. Visitors to Crane Days are the first in the world to see the MLC100-1 fully assembled,” said Harley Smith, global product director for crawler cranes at Manitowoc. “This crane is a huge time saver, with extremely quick set-up and tear-down times, giving our customers more time to get to work.” 

The MLC100-1 has a 100 t (110 USt) capacity and a maximum boom length of 61 m (200 ft). The new-model crawler crane has an impressive load moment of 371 t-m (2,680 ft-kips) and is powered by a 300 hp Cummins 6.7 L Tier 4 Final engine. 

The crane will save customers time on the job site because of its self-assembly hook, which enables the operator to install the counterweight without any outside assistance. During assembly, the crane uses a single segment of hoist line with a button termination, which is routed through sheaves in the boom butt. This eliminates the need to assemble the boom top and enables operators to get to work faster when compared with competing cranes in the same class. 

“Our customers have come to expect high performance from Manitowoc crawler cranes,” Smith said. “But even our long-term customers will be surprised at how quick this crane can get off the truck and get right to work. We put a lot of design hours into the assembly and disassembly of this crane with valuable feedback from our field technicians, and I’m happy to say that it paid off.” 

The MLC100-1 has an improved, wider cab design, with easier access to the cab made possible by additional grab bars and a movable left-hand console. In addition, the cab’s high-back seat with head rest and electronic seat controls combine with improved HVAC performance for best-in-class comfort. 

The crane allows for easier service than ever, with high-visibility sight glasses and quick drains on every gear box. The main valve is also easily accessible. The crane operates via Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS), which can be used in conjunction with the company’s new Diagnostic Code App to quickly analyze diagnostic screens. 

End users can customize the MLC100-1 with numerous options to suit their specific job site needs. These include a free-fall option, a third-drum option with a 22-m (72-ft) wire rope, generator-powered boom lights and a cold weather package for high performance in the toughest climates. 

The Manitowoc Way is all about innovation, velocity and listening to our customers,” Smith explained. “We want to show our customers that we’re listening, and I think the MLC100-1 stands as proof that we are. They asked for a reliable crawler that can get to work faster than any competing crane. Visitors to Crane Days are seeing the simple elegance we’ve delivered at their request.” 

Joining the MLC100-1 on display at Crane Days is the MLC300 crawler crane. The MLC300 is outfitted with its new 3.5 m- (11.5 ft-) wide boom inserts and extended upper boom point, which provides an off-set lifting point for wind maintenance or other jobs that require a higher hook height.


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