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Crane Hot Line

Manitowoc Previews First Mobile Potain Hup Self-Erecting Crane at Bauma

April 13, 2019 -  Potain has previewed its first mobile Hup self-erecting crane, the Hup M 28-22, at Bauma 2019.  

The Hup M 28-22 is Potain’s third Hup self-erecting crane, but the first to prioritize mobility. 

The compact Hup M 28-22 is only 11.5 m (38’) long when folded, so it can work in tight job sites and is easy to transport from site to site.  

It also features double steering axles for maximum maneuverability. 

“The new Hup M 28-22 optimizes mobility, productivity, and versatility for our customers,” said Jean-Pierre Zaffiro, global product director for Potain self-erecting cranes at Manitowoc. “This combination will increase return on investment for many lifters.” 

The Hup M 28-22 has a 28 m (92’) jib and features 16 configurations, so it can adapt easily to a range of job sites. It can lift up to 2.2 t (2.4 U.S. tons), and can pick 850 kg (1,874 lbs.) at its 28 m (92’ ft) jib tip.

The jib offers four positions: horizontal, 10°, 20°, and 30°. Those angles give a maximum hook-height range of 20 m (65’) to 31 m (101’). Jib folding or extending is fast and straightforward, whether the jib is short or long.  

The remote control system features a large, color screen with easy navigation and optimized ergonomics for operator comfort. Smart Set Up software delivers on-screen information about automatic folding and unfolding of the crane.  

Like the other Hup models, the M 28-22 benefits from Manitowoc’s Drive Control function: three selectable profiles that vary working speed to suit an application, plus micro-speed for slow, high-precision hoisting.



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