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Manitowoc to Launch Next Generation of Grove GMK6300L

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March 26, 2018 - Manitowoc will soon launch the next generation of its Grove GMK6300L all-terrain crane, which has sold more than 400 units in seven years of existence.

The new 350-U.S.-ton capacity GMK6300L-1 will bring new levels of performance to the six-axle category.

Stronger structures let the new version lift more, especially at height, where the new GMK6300L-1 can out pick its predecessor by up to 16% on boom lengths from 226 ft. to 263 ft.

On the fully extended 263-ft. boom, the GMK6300L-1 can lift up to 15.4 U.S. tons at radii from 46 to 90 ft., excellent for applications like assembling tower cranes. Maximum tip height is 394 ft. on 263 ft. of boom plus 121 ft. of jib.

The 580 hp carrier engine and 280 hp crane engine both meet EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards, and the carrier engine gets better fuel economy than its predecessor.

Megatrak suspension and all-wheel steering come standard. 

The counterweight slabs and auxiliary hoist can be interchanged with the GMK5180-1, GMK5200-1, GMK5250L, and GMK6300L, a benefit for existing Grove customers. 


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