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Manitowoc Unveils Potain MDT 809 Topless Crane at Bauma 2019

Potain MDT 809

April 11, 2019 - Manitowoc has released the Potain MDT 809, the largest topless crane ever built by the manufacturer, at Bauma 2019. While delivering increased lift capacity and reach, the new crane also boasts an advanced design that provides reduced operating costs and easier assembly for owners.  

Thibaut Le Besnerais, Manitowoc’s global product director for tower cranes, said, “The launch of the MDT 809 is one of the most significant Potain tower crane launches of recent times. Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen consistent growth in demand for topless cranes, with customers benefiting from their fast assembly and compact design, which makes it easier to get more cranes onto a jobsite to complete work quicker. Alongside this, we’ve seen an increase in modular construction, with contractors needing to lift heavier loads.”

With its optimized assembly and disassembly, owners can install the crane on site and move it off site quickly. The crane offers up to 40 tons of lift capacity and can accommodate up to 80 meters (262’) of jib. 

The crane is compact for transport, with everything but the slewing mechanism capable of traveling in a standard container. It transports in either 10 or 11 containers, depending on the winch option selected, which is four to five fewer containers than usual. Design features that aid in shipping include protective packaging for the jib sections; optimized space usage for containerization; and a rotating cab. The crane also has a new 8-meter (26’) cross base that offers the performance characteristics of a 10-meter (33’) chassis, but requires only one container for transport. 

The Potain MDT 809 is also fast to assemble once on site. With its full complement of jib, the crane can be assembled at a 50-meter (164’) working height in less than three days. The 8-meter (26’) cross base is not only easier to transport, but also faster to set up. 

There are dedicated slinging points on the crane to aid on-site assembly and jib sections can be assembled either on the ground or in the air, depending on site conditions and available space. Options for assembling the jib range from the 30-meter (98’) minimum up to the 80-meter (262’) maximum in 5-meter (16’) sections. 

“We’ve designed the jib not only to be easier to assemble, but also to make it easier to service,” Le Besnerais noted. 

From the range of regular frequency-controlled hoists, options for the crane span from the 100 LVF to the 270 LVF. An optional 150 HPL is also offered, from the High Performance Lifting range, for more speed and strength. These winch options give the crane a maximum available capacity of 25, 32, or 40 tonnes (27.5, 35.2, or 44 U.S. tons). Tip loads of up to 9 tonnes (9.9 U.S. tons) are available at the 80-meter (262’) maximum. With the new reinforced K-mast system, freestanding heights of up to 80 meters (262’) are possible. 

Users can choose from a two-fall configuration on the trolley for faster duty-cycle lifting, or fourfalls for heavy lifting. Inside the cab, a push-button solution enables the operator to activate the cable-tensioning system automatically. This is useful for long-running jobsites, where tensioning is required more frequently. 


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