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Massachusetts Arborist Buys All-Terrain Crane for Tree Work

Aug. 18, 2020 - After having relied on boom trucks for tree removal jobs, Denilson Roque, owner of Dennis Tree Service, Sudbury, Massachusetts, recently made a big change by buying a new Demag AC60-3, 65-U.S.-ton  capacity, all terrain crane from Empire Crane Company.

Roque says, “With the AC60, I can park in one spot and do everything around me. It’s more precise, has higher capacity, and more reach.” The AC60-3 delivers 15,000-lb. single-line pull. That’s more than twice the line pull on Dennis’ previous rig. The Demag AC60-3 also features 164’ of telescopic boom, 52’ of folding swing-away jib, tilting cab, Mercedes engine, cameras, and the IC-1 Plus control system.

Dennis Tree Service is a family-operated business that provides full-service commercial and residential tree care to more than 3,000 customers throughout Massachusetts.

The company’s team of professionals knows how to provide optimal care for tree growth and strength, and how to properly approach trees at a site without disturbing the surrounding landscape.

Most of the Dennis’ work is tree removal. The new AC60-3’s first job was taking down 16 pine trees in a residential area. Thanks to the crane’s strong line pull, Dennis used a single hoist line to quickly lift cut sections of tree weighing 7,000-10,000 lbs. each.

Justin Melvin, Empire Crane’s general manager for New England, said, “The Demag AC60-3 is the industry leader for capacity and boom length in its class. It’s compact and is fast and easy for the crew to set up on each job.”

Empire Crane is an authorized dealer for Demag cranes in New England. Empire not only offers new Demag cranes, but also stocks Demag parts. Empire has Demag-level-5-certified technicians who travel to customers throughout the territory.

“The sales department at Empire Crane, specifically Justin, is very good,” said Roque. “He explained all the details of the crane and the advantages it would give my company. I’m happy. The crane does everything I need it to do.”


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