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Maxim Crane Works Acquires Solley Equipment & Rigging

Sep. 10, 2019 - Maxim Crane Works and Solley Equipment & Rigging have jointly entered into an agreement pursuant to which Maxim Crane will acquire Solley Crane. Solley Crane is a family-owned company, who operates primarily in the central Tennessee and northern Alabama regions. The combination of Solley Crane and Maxim Crane enhances Maxim Crane's full-service, nationwide crane rental and lifting solutions platform, and expands its operations in one of the nation’s key geographic regions.

With Maxim Crane’s coast-to-coast footprint, providing engineering, equipment rental, turnkey lift services, rigging, and heavy haul and transportation services, Solley Crane’s team and customers will gain access to a large modern fleet of full service lifting solution equipment. Further, Solley Crane’s position as one of the largest providers of mobile crane services within the company’s growing regional markets will enhance and expand Maxim Crane’s presence in these markets through the addition of the Solley Crane fleet and the expertise of their industry professionals.

Bryan Carlisle, CEO of Maxim Crane, states, “The Solley Crane merger provides access to one of the most experienced teams of crane professionals in the region. They have an outstanding reputation and their fleet provides customers with a ‘best in class’ brand of products, parts, services, and rental equipment. We are excited about this amazing combination and look forward to providing our team members and customers with the additional geographic coverage and services that Solley Crane and its team bring to our company.”

Ronnie Solley, owner of Solley Crane, says, “Solley Crane was started by my father, Ray, and the business has been the heart and soul of our family and employees for nearly 50 years. This merger will ensure that our employees, families, and customers continue to enjoy the type of service, safety, and commitment that they have had in the past and guarantee that our business will continue for the next 50 years and beyond. We know the Maxim Crane Team extremely well and believe that this is a perfect combination that will allow both teams to thrive by working together toward common goals of safety, service, and success.”

Frank Bardonaro, COO of Maxim Crane, says, “Our respective companies have always had a great working relationship. This combination will demonstrate to our customers and employees that we are committed to providing the rigging, storage, and crane related services needed to support the robust growth in the southeast. I have known Ronnie for over 15 years and have always admired and respected what he and his family have accomplished. We are excited that Ronnie and his team will remain intact to help lead the region and to continue their near five-decade business legacy.”

He continues, “The most valuable component of this merger is the team that Solley Crane brings to the table. We are excited to have Ronnie lead the integration process and combine the Solley Crane and Maxim Crane teams to continue the successful growth that both organizations have developed throughout the market. The combined fleet, footprint, and services that Solley Crane brings to the Maxim Crane company of families ensures our customers and employees that they can rely on Maxim Crane/Solley Crane to be the best ‘one-stop-shop’ for every type of specialty lifting service in the region.”


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