Mazzella Offers Free Online Lifting and Rigging Education


March 20, 2020 -- The Mazzella Companies are offering free online lifting and rigging education to help people make use of the extra time they now have because of COVID-19’s effect on society.

“Our schedules, our routines, and our lives have been turned upside down. Some of us are working remotely from our homes. Some of our jobs and businesses have been temporarily shuttered by government mandates. We're adjusting to new schedules to better align with social distancing requirements,” said Mike Close, Mazzella’s marketing communications manager.

We suddenly have extra time on our hands, he noted.

Close says that people can put the extra time to good use by educating themselves. To help with that, Close offers a link to a website with hours of free educational resources for anyone who operates a crane, rigs a load, or works at height. 

“We're not asking for money, your name, or any other personal information,” says Close. “So please, feel free to share this with anyone who you think might benefit from it.”



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