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Crane Hot Line

Meritor Launches Faster Delivery for Emergency Parts

Meritor has launched an initiative to get special order parts to customers faster.

The Uptime Services Group, which launches Jan. 1, 2020, will accelerate the delivery of parts to customers in emergency situations and when vehicles require unscheduled repairs. The Uptime Services Group will also expedite fulfilling special orders for parts that are not in stock or in short supply, or not part of the regular inventory.

“Customer service has always been a priority for Meritor and the Uptime Services Group’s focus on fulfilling special orders is a further commitment to that,” said Christy Westrich, director of customer loyalty. “We know how important uptime is to our customers, and we do everything within our power to expedite orders for the parts needed to get vehicles back on the road.”     

In addition, the Uptime Services Group will provide customers with a single point of contact for accurate delivery expectations on all special-order items, which allows customers to better operate their businesses.

The Uptime Services Group will be based at Meritor’s Florence, Kentucky, parts distribution facility. The facility, which is Meritor’s largest aftermarket distribution operation, handles 23 product lines and more than 70,000 active parts numbers.




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