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Crane Hot Line

Meritor Offers Hydraulic Option for Disc Brakes

September 26, 2018 - Meritor, Inc., Troy, Michigan, now offers optional hydraulic actuation on all ELSA disc brakes.

In the option, the mechanical, pneumatically operated brake housing of the current range is replaced by a hydraulically operated single- or twin-piston variant. The bridge, carrier, and slide pin arrangements stay the same for the pneumatic and hydraulic versions.

Pads can also be common and available in with areas from 107-226 sq. cm. (16.58-35.03 sq. in.). The new option covers brakes for wheels between 17.5” and 25”. Rotor diameter varies from 324-500 mm. (12.76”-19.68”)

“The hydraulic variant supports current applications and specialty applications as well as eMobility vehicles, where the industry’s dependence on pneumatic systems has been reduced to a point where it becomes advantageous to work with hydraulic systems,” said Tony Nicol, vice president, Front & Rear Drivetrain, Europe for Meritor.

As with all ELSA products, the hydraulic variant can be readily manufactured for all global regions to support OE product development and localization initiatives.

“Manufacturers can now readily install a pneumatic or hydraulic ELSA brake on the same wheel-end arrangement to reduce production complexity, tooling, and engineering development costs,” Nicol said. “Due to common components, end users benefit from a high commonality of component and service kits.”


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