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Milwaukee Cylinder Launches Quick Ship Program

The Quick Ship Program is for high-quality NFPA-style tie rod cylinders.
April 8, 2019 – Milwaukee Cylinder, a Cudahy, Wisconsin, company in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field, has launched its new Quick Ship Program for high-quality NFPA-style tie rod cylinders.


The Quick Ship Program includes a wide range of bore sizes, strokes, and mounts in the Milwaukee Cylinder H, LH, and A series product lines, ensuring the program meets most customer needs. The program ships up to 6” bore sizes in five or fewer working days, and up to 8” bore sizes in 10 working days or less. In addition, an Emergency Service Program is available. Under this program, for a small expediting fee, cylinders can be shipped faster including in some cases 48 hours or less. 


Milwaukee Cylinder is known for their high-quality, high-end cylinders with lasting durability for usage in critical applications. “We have devised a way to make our highly engineered cylinders faster, allowing us to meet or beat lead times of more economy-based cylinders,” said Joe Rogers, Milwaukee Cylinder’s operations leader. “This required special thinking, equipment and inventory investments, and enhanced processes [are] all to benefit our customers.”  


Douglas Lacina, commercial director for Milwaukee Cylinder added, “Quality cylinders are essential in today’s economy, as more and more industrial machines have to work harder and longer to cover labor shortages and increased demand, making our Quick Ship Program a necessity in today’s demanding environment.” 


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