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Crane Hot Line

Mini Crane Named Dex Stars in New Children’s Book

Oct. 26, 2020 - A mini crane named Dex stars in the new children’s book The Little Red Crane.

Aimed at young people ages 3-7 years, the book by Cornelius Van Wright tells the adventures of Dex and his operator, Pete, as they travel through cities and across water to do a “very big job.”

Along their journey, Dex and Pete meet giant cranes with different jobs.

The Little Red Crane can be purchased from Amazon, Star Bright Books, Books-a-Million, or Indiebound.

Van Wright says his interest in cranes began when he was a young boy and his dad bought him a battery-powered working model of a truck crane.

Van Wright thanked Smiley Lifting Solutions and Spydercrane for helping him with information about mini cranes and for arranging for him to see one in iron. 


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