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Crane Hot Line

Morrow Adds 27 Liebherr Tower Cranes

July 13, 2022 - Morrow Equipment Company LLC (Morrow) recently bought 27 Liebherr tower cranes to add to its growing fleet.

Morrow placed the order during Liebherr USA Co’s Customer Day in May.

Headquartered in Salem, Oregon, Morrow is the exclusive distributor of Liebherr tower cranes in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It has been using Liebherr products for more than 40 years and serves as an exclusive distributor with a strong network of locations and over 320 employees.

Morrow’s fleet already includes more than 560 cranes. The company’s Customer Day order includes multiple Model 340 EC-B flat-top, 470 EC-B flat-top, 357 luffing HCL, and 125 K fast-erecting cranes to be used for lifting materials such as concrete, steel, and lumber.

Each of those cranes is designed so that multiple cranes can work in tight spaces on industrial, commercial, and residential construction sites.

Flexible and Versatile

Liebherr cranes are designed for lifting and precise positioning of heavy loads. Each crane enables easy handling, high hook heights, and efficient operation.

EC-B flat-top cranes feature simple assembly, powerful handling drives, and flexible usage. The 470 EC-B 20 is the latest member of the "tough ones" family. It can lift up to 20 metric tons (22 USt).

Liebherr’s HC-L luffing-jib tower cranes are generally used to build skyscrapers. A major advantage of the luffing-jib crane is that several can easily be erected in a small space. They also offer the horizontal load path function. When activated, it allows a crane operator to concentrate on positioning a load without manually readjusting the load’s height.

Caption: In front of a 125 K fast-erecting crane at the Liebherr Customer Day are, from left: Andrew Stalter, (Morrow) Michael Heacock (Morrow), Stéfanie Wohlfarth (Liebherr), Stefan Brandt (Liebherr), Peter Juhren (Morrow), Willi Liebherr (Liebherr), and Marco Guariglia (Liebherr).


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