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Nelson’s New “Low Rider” Double-Drop Trailers are Light and Low

 March 23, 2021 - Nelson Manufacturing Company’s new “Low Rider” double-drop trailer is lighter and offers deck heights as low as 11”.

The new sandwich-style main frame saves significant weight compared to a standard four-beam deck. It also reduces deflection. The center deck is coated with anti-slip paint.

The new double-drop trailer comes in 25- and 30-ton capacities. The 25-ton version with mechanical neck, hydraulic lift tower, full-width front gooseneck, and a 53’ length weighs just 17,590 lbs., empty.

A 48’ version without a lift tower is considerably lighter. The range of options lets customers choose which features are important and to balance benefits of features vs the weight.

The 11” deck height version has 4” of ground clearance. The ground clearance can be adjusted with a ride-height control valve at the rear. On the version with hydraulic removable goosenecks or lift towers the ground clearance can also be adjusted to accommodate various payloads and road conditions.  For instance, the deck can be raised as needed to go over a railroad track or other obstacle. 

Customers can choose either a non-ground-bearing hydraulic gooseneck, or one that’s mechanical and removable.

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