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Crane Hot Line

New All-Electric Maeda Mini Crane Expected in U.S. Early in 2021


Sept. 9, 2020 - Japanese mini crane manufacturer Maeda has launched its first fully electric model, the MC285CB-3.

The new eco-friendly model is expected to be available in the U.S. by early in 2021, according to Tony Inman, president of Maeda’s North American distributor, Maeda USA, Houston, Texas.

The new model is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that produces zero emissions.

It can operate continuously for more than 9 hours, can be fully charged in only 3.5 hours, and continuous operation is possible while charging.

Capacity and operating speeds are the same as for Maeda’s standard MC285C-3, including a maximum capacity of 6,210 lbs. at a 4.5’ radius, a maximum lifting height of 31’10”, and a maximum radius of 26.9’, where it can lift 330 lbs. Maximum radius with searcher hook is 29.4’.

Other features of the new model include: a five-section boom, an optional auxiliary winch, a 7” monitor display, programmable moment limiter, multiple outrigger positions, slew angle limit settings, and HBC radio control.

Another advantage of the MC285CB-3 is its low weight of about 4,400 lbs., which makes it easy to transport and allows it to be placed higher in a building for glazing, cladding, and other work.

For more information about the new MC285CB-3, contact Maeda USA.


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