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New App Helps Manage Equipment Service

April 5, 2022 -- Record360 has launched ServicePro, a mobile app that streamlines the managing of service requests, cost estimates, equipment status, and email or text messages between technicians and customers.

Abby Chao, Record360’s chief executive, said, “We’ve developed a suite of easy-to-use digital tools, accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, which streamlines the process.” Chao added that Record360 takes the guesswork out of service status and work requests by giving technicians and managers an efficient digital workflow and customer communication platform.

Today, a service advisor, working with a technician, develops a scope of work and cost estimate for the equipment repair or service request. The advisor then contacts the customer to explain the estimate and obtain work order approval.

It is a convoluted manual process, involving many back-and-forth actions such as phone calls, emails, and handwritten notes, as well as scanning and printing documents, among the service advisor, technician, and customer, often without written records.

With ServicePro, service advisors use a digitized process with intuitive software tools to streamline customer communication, improve the service experience, and save technicians’ time. Advisors can create and send estimates and inspections, and obtain work order approvals using two-way texting, all in a single, easy-to-use platform. Technicians can enter repair status and updates quickly and efficiently from their mobile device.

“It’s a service workflow management and record-keeping system that simplifies communications with customers, facilitates notifications, provides a common repository for work order history, technician notes, inspections, approvals, and customer comments,” added Chao. “Service departments are able to improve customer satisfaction, drive more service revenue and increase technician productivity.”  

Typical clients for ServicePro include rental agencies and dealerships, truck service centers and third-party service shops. Primary advantages of the new offering include:

Rapid implementation. Clients can be up and running in less than a week. All features are tested and proven, tools are simple and intuitive to use requiring minimal formal training.

Configurable to your business. Current forms, checklists, paperwork and processes are digitized in Record360; clients can create customized lists, forms and workflows to fit their business. Expert guidance on best practices from actual users ensures successful deployment and use.

Drives communication, efficiency, collaboration. Deploys one tool for inspections, estimates, and customer approvals in customer-friendly formats including email and text message. Provides a single, digital “source of truth”, replacing paper records. Improves cross-department communication and efficiency, reduces manual work, engages all team members across rental, service and sales departments from one app.

Supports improved customer experience. Delivers a high-quality customer experience by combining digitized processes with service advisor expertise and knowledge to communicate clearly, quickly, and accurately all aspects of the equipment service engagement.

We’re very excited to bring ServicePro to market and begin to demonstrate to clients the benefits and rapid return on investment they can achieve,” noted Chao. “It’s a logical, strategic expansion of our portfolio that deepens and extends our ability to provide value and cost savings to our clients.”

ServicePro joins the company’s two other principal software product offerings: SalesPro and InspectPro.

SalesPro provides a workflow platform and digital, mobile-based tools for construction firms, dealerships, vehicle rental fleets and other commercial equipment owners to quickly identify assets for sale, determine their condition, market them to buyers, and rapidly respond to buyer interest. The platform streamlines the process to price, create, distribute, and update real-time listings via text and social media platforms to interested buyers.

InspectPro is Record360’s flagship product. It’s a digital library of real-time, continually updated equipment inspections including photo and video, cataloging the true condition of the asset and a history of usage data over its lifecycle. The database also allows for search of inventory across multiple locations, so if a rep can’t find a specific asset locally, it can be identified and tagged for sale from another office.


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