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Crane Hot Line

New Battery-Powered Manitex Valla Crane Lifts 12 US Tons

 Feb. 10, 2021 - Manitex Valla of Italy, subsidiary of U.S. company Manitex International, has launched the all- new battery-powered V110R electric mobile crane.

The remote-controlled crane is in the same family as Manitex Valla’s V80R, with front wheel drive and removable counterweights to maximize transport flexibility.

The V110R can lift up to 24,250 lbs. and has a maximum lifting height of 34’. It’s designed to deliver easy maneuverability with excellent performance and reliability.

The machine’s minimum turning radius of 12’11”, minimum width of 4’11”, and minimum stowed height of 7’4” let the V110R  work in tight places and congested areas.

The crane’s technical highlights include its hydraulic system, 180° rear steering, electro-hydraulic brakes, and on-board charger.

Several options add versatility and adaptability to specific applications: extended wheelbase, a winch, self-leveling forks, a stabilizer bar, non-marking tires, and foldable jib.

“We have studied the V110R to adapt to both rental and end users’ requests,” said Carlo Forini, Manitex Valla General Manager. “It is a machine that is aimed at the more mature markets that see electric pick-and-carry cranes as a fundamental tool for obtaining certain performances by operating in a simple way, with maximum safety and respect for the environment."

“When we say Valla, we mean versatility,” said Steve Filipov, CEO of Manitex International.  “Those who work with Valla  pick & carry cranes know the benefit and the return of investment  of these machines well  and they what appreciate about a Valla it is  the  possibility  to adapt  the crane to the most diverse application sectors that require high performance, safety and ease of use;  the all  new V110R crane, just launched on the market, was born precisely to satisfy all  these requirements.”



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