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New Boom Lets LR 11000 Set 253-Ton Wind Turbine Generator Up 354’ in One Lift

 Oct. 26, 2020 – A new boom for the Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane lets Buckner set the nacelle, drive train, and hub for a wind tower in one lift instead of three.

The Nordex Delta 4000 wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 489’ and is the latest generation onshore system in the 4- to 5-MW power class.

In the past, it took three lifts to install the generator at a hub height of 354’. The nacelle, drive train, and hub were each lifted separately and assembled atop the tower.

U.S. crane specialist Buckner Heavy Lift Cranes has now set all three pre-assembled components together in just one lift, saving time and money.

The new technique is made possible by the new, more powerful SL8F2 boom system, which Liebherr has developed in collaboration with Buckner for the LR 11000 crawler crane.

This system is the eighth version of the SL boom plus the second version of the fixed F jib. It  delivers a lifting capacity of 278.3 USt at a hook height of 374’. That’s enough to lift the 253-USt load that includes the complete generator with rigging to the wind tower’s 354’ hub height.

The configuration of the LR 11000 with SL8F2 for modern wind turbines on towers around 328’ high is particularly economical because the crane can do it without a derrick system. That saves logistics work and setup time because fewer parts have to be transported and erected.

It also saves time because assembling the entire generator on the ground is faster than putting the three pieces together at height atop the tower.

Buckner now has 17 LR 11000 cranes operating in the U.S. 


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