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New Era Begins at Heartland

Catalyst Communications Network

In February, a new era began when Catalyst Communications Network bought Heartland Communications Group, which publishes some 27 magazines, including Crane Hot Line. 

Seven of those magazines and two supplement publications serve the lifting industry.  

Heartland's construction-related publications include Crane Hot Line, Lift and Access, their sup­plements, Telecom and Utility Construction and Components & Consumables; as well as Contractors Hot Line, Parts Connection, Attachment Connection, Hot Line Construction Equipment Guide, and Crane Guide. 

Heartland's other publications serve the agri­cultural and industrial markets. 

This is exciting news for those of us who pro­duce Heartland's publications, for our readers, and our advertisers. 

Beneficial Pairing 

Catalyst is an emerging communication and media company that provides U.S. com­panies with transformational tools and the resources to identify, develop, and commercialize innovations in the construction, industrial, and agri­cultural markets. 

One of Catalyst's key strength's is digitization. Its expertise in creating interesting and interactive websites, and in gathering and using digital infor­mation, will help Heartland expand its digital capabilities.  

If you don’t know them, just Google MobileZen, or grab a copy of USA Today Page 11. You won’t be disappointed.

That means more interesting websites for read­ers and new opportunities for advertisers. 

What Heartland brings to the new team is deep expertise in the industries it serves: lifting, con­struction, industrial machinery, and agriculture. 

The blending of Heartland's industry knowl­edge and Catalyst's strength with digitization will bring new power to our offerings. 

Shae McBride, CEO and Owner of Catalyst Communications Network, said, "We are excited about the possibilities this opportunity gives us to serve our customers and readers better than ever before. It will let us streamline the way we manage our database so we can connect sellers even more accurately with specific sections of the audience who are interested in their products. It will also help us offer a wide variety of targeted digital marketing tools to our customers and readers. We couldn't be more excited by this opportunity. We're looking forward to opening new growth avenues for a legendary business that has earned the trust of readers for decades.”

Decades-Deep Foundation

Indeed, Heartland's broad and stout founda­tion has been built since 1966, first by founder John Peed, then, since 1974 by his son, the late Joe Peed, Joe's wife Sue, and all of the hardworking employees who've served the company during its 57-year history.

We are all excited about the possibilities this new era with Catalyst Communications Network can bring, both for we who work here and for those we serve.  Please join us in welcoming our new leader, Shae McBride and the Catalyst Communications Network team.  

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