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New Flat-Top Terex Tower Crane Lifts 13 USt

Jan. 4, 2022 – Terex’s newly announced CTT 292-12 flat-top tower crane can lift up to 13 USt.


The new model is an addition to the 200/300-meter-ton (1,446,601/2,169,901-lb.-ft.) class.

Besides high capacity, the CTT 292-12 offers jib lengths to 230’ and a 3.37-USt capacity at the tip of that long jib.

Besides its 13-USt maximum lifting capacity, the CTT 292-12 offers impressive capacity at all radii on all jib lengths.

The jib lengths are in 16.4’ steps from 82’-230’, and each jib section is fully equipped with safety lines and railings.

Fully customizable operational settings let the operator be as precise as he or she wants.

Advanced, industry-proven electronics give the operator precise, accurate control and also give the operator instant data.

The S-pace cabin’s comfort and visibility help the operator to focus on the job at hand and be as precise as possible.

Wide glass panels, protected by side bars, ensure excellent visibility.

Multifunction joysticks and the 7’’, full-color touchscreen simplify crane control and monitoring. The adjustable seat and built-in heating and air conditioning keep operators comfortable, productive, and focused.

Many Features

Setup is simple. The crane can be erected on a choice of three mast widths: 6.4’ (1.95 m), 6’9’ (2.1 m), or 7.5’ (2.3 m), to meet a project’s needs.

The choice of mast widths also helps owners maximize their investment.

Terex Power Match lowers energy consumption.

Getting live feedback while the crane is operating is possible, as the CTT 292-12 is ready for Terex T-Link telematics and can be equipped with the T-Link Platform for remote fleet data anytime and from anywhere via the web.

A wide range of real-time data and a variety of analyses are available to assess the fleet’s performance.

Terex T-Torque’s new inverter technology with torque control applied directly to the slewing motors gives the operator improved control over swing. It allows the operator to customize gear speed, acceleration, and counter-swing, based on operating conditions, such as load type, crane configuration, or wind speed.

The crane immediately responds to the operator’s command, and jib slewing can be adjusted to be smoother or more powerful, giving the operator accurate control of load handling and positioning, critical on congested jobsites.

Power Plus gives the crane a 10% power boost when needed.



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