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New flexible Mini - Crane Expands Mammoet’s Service Offering

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June 6, 2018 - Mammoet Netherlands has expanded its fleet with the addition of two new Hoeflon C10 mini-crawler cranes in order to widen the services available to customers in the Netherlands. This compact crane can lift up to four tons and will offer additional benefits to customers in the industrial services and petrochemical markets. With a width of 80 centimeters, it is small enough to fit through doors and provides a flexible lifting option in highly confined and restricted spaces. This makes it ideal for refineries and industrial plants where plant furniture often provides an obstacle to gaining access with larger lifting equipment.

The Hoeflon C10 can work alongside Mammoet’s existing BE Trailer and Loader Crane to provide a comprehensive package of equipment to our industrial services customers. Assen Branch Operations Manager Gert Jan Uildriks said that although Mammoet is known for its large-scale projects, the company has significant operations in rental business and maintenance work. Mammoet is continuously looking to extend and improve its service offerings in these areas. 

“The addition of the Hoeflon C10 means that we now have the necessary and complete range of equipment to expand into new and growing markets, such as machine relocations,” he said. “Having this complete package allows us to help our customers in these areas more efficiently and truly work in partnership with them.”

The cranes will be assigned to Mammoet Noord and Mammoet West in the Netherlands.


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