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New Liebherr Crawler Crane Can Lift 2,750 USt or Reach Up 656'

April 19, 2022 – Liebherr’s recently announced LR 12500-1.0 lattice-boom crawler crane can lift up to 2,750 USt.

The new model’s maximum capacity is second only to the 3,300-USt LR 13000 in Liebherr’s lineup of large crawler cranes.

The company developed the new LR 12500-1.0 in response to the market’s growing demand for large crawler cranes to make big lifts in industries like petrochemicals, wind work, and handling enormous components for offshore applications, all of which are seeing components that keep getting heavier.

With its enormous lifting capacities and unique transport concept, the LR 12500-1.0 is designed as an economical crawler crane for global projects, said Liebherr.

Maximum Capacity, High-Performance Boom

The key to high lifting capacities are wide lattice booms. The solutions to date have been a double boom like the Power Boom or the widespread SX systems.

Liebherr designers have chosen a completely different design for the new model: The wide, strong High Perfomance Boom connects to the turntable in an optimized way. The design features a special superstructure front section that is transported on a low-bed trailer at a width of 13.1’.

The slewing platform is supplemented by a 11.5’ wide rear section that’s home to the two power units. Two Liebherr 6-cylinder in-line engines deliver a total of 1,088 hp (800 kW). Their redundant design increases the crane's availability. There is no separate power pack. The two main hoist winches are also on the rear section.

Economical Transport

The intermediate sections of the High Perfomance Boom each measure 32.8’ long and are reduced to an economical transport width by a refined mechanism. A separate device stabilizes the lattice sections during on-site erection.

Each crawler frame weighs about 165 USt. The remaining chain girder is divided and moved on two low loaders.

The 27.5-USt ballast slabs are identical to those used on the LR 13000. They have the same dimensions as a 20’ container so they can be transported economically and can be loaded using a spreader.

The LR 12500-1.0 is designed for a transport width of 10.8’, with only two components having a transport width of 13.1’.

Modular BoomT

The maximum hook height of about 656’ is achieved by using a 328’ main boom plus a 354’ luffing jib.

At shorter lengths, the luffing jib also acts as a powerful jib. The “vessel lifter” is ideal for the erection of long columns in petrochemical plants.

The 361’ maximum HighPerformanceBoom length can be extended to a 508.5’ using parts of the luffing jib.

The ballast pallet on the derrick boom of the LR 13000 also acts as suspended ballast for the LR 12500-1.0. If the crane has to operate without suspended ballast in tight spaces, it can also operate without derrick ballast in what is known as a B0 version. This principle has also been adopted from the LR 13000. The suspended ballast is infinitely adjusted with the derrick boom. The ballast radius can be extended to the maximum radius with a rigid guide.


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