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New Modular Transporter Has Integrated Power Pack, Handles 1,100 US Tons

Feb. 10, 2020 — Cometto has unveiled the Eco1000, a new product range that features an integrated power pack and is designed for in-plant transport jobs of up to 1,100 U.S. tons.

With the Eco1000, Cometto provides the widest range in this specific market,” said  Alessandro Giordano, product manager at Cometto.

Giordano also says that the Eco1000’s connect-and-drive feature allows quick and easy connection of several modules, and that its hybrid solution is the first technology implemented in this specific transport sector.

Also, says Giordano, the newly designed remote control is smart and efficient. Its 4.3” display shows all trailer and transport information, and the 12.1” color touchscreen display in the power pack shows information about lifting, steering, and driving modes.

The compact Eco1000 is available with two axles and two driven suspensions; four axles with two or four driven suspensions; with a long frame, four axles and two or four driven suspensions; or with six axles and four driven suspensions. “Up to  four units can be combined with interchangeable components, different power pack technologies, and a wide selection of accessories,” said Giordano.

Connect and Drive
Two vehicles of the same length and engine can be connected side by side, and vehicles of different lengths can be connected end to end. Each vehicle has quick-coupling connections to link two vehicles together with electrical cables (optional accessory).

Three Power Pack Technologies
The wide range of power pack units assures maximum flexibility. All power pack units have been designed and tested under the hardest conditions to meet the most advanced emission standards, whether traditional propulsion for continuous performance, hybrid, or electric technology, according to Giordano.

Flexible Hybrid Power Pack
Hybrid technology combines the performance of a traditional engine with the cleanliness of an electric motor. The lithium battery can be charged while driving by recuperation, as well as at a dedicated charging station. The hybrid power pack is designed for indoor-outdoor use where full electric working is needed only for a specific work cycle.

Full Freedom of Maneuvering
“The electronic steering guarantees maximum maneuverability and precision through a +/-135° steering angle,” said Giordano, who also noted that the system has a 27.6” stroke. The remote control maintains synchronization even if different Eco1000 families are mixed. The hydrostatic drive system moves Eco1000 modules precisely and progressively in any direction, with power regulators allowing use of the maximum available torque.




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