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New NCCCO Logo Reflects Expanding Range of Certifications

Jan. 13, 2021 - Reflecting its expanding scope into personnel certifications for those who use load handling equipment other than cranes, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators is transitioning to a new logo.

The phase-in started Jan. 1 and will continue throughout the year.

While the new logo retains the familiar stylized “CCO” with headache ball and hook, the words around the logo have now been removed.

NCCCO will continue offering the same “CCO”-branded certifications across 29 certification designations in 12 categories, providing the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of personnel certifications available.

“These new logos retain the familiar CCO branding as we move into the organization’s next 25 years, while also opening the door to bring similar fair, valid, reliable, and defensible personnel certifications to other industries, those who use equipment other than cranes, as well as those who work outside of the equipment,” said NCCCO CEO Thom Sicklesteel.

For more than a decade, NCCCO has offered respected certifications for riggers and signalpersons in addition to its flagship crane operator certifications.

Shortly after those programs launched NCCCO made available certifications for lift directors and crane inspectors.

In more recent years the organization has introduced CCO certifications for operators of diverse load handling equipment beyond cranes, including digger derricks, dedicated pile drivers, and foundation and anchor/micropile drill rigs.

NCCCO is currently developing new CCO certifications for operators of concrete pumps and telehandlers, which will become available over the next one to two years.


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