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New PowerHoss SPMT Has Six Axles and Handles 363 U.S. Tons

April 24, 2021 - Scheuerle has expanded its PowerHoss SPMT series by adding a version that has six axles, stands 9’10” wide, and can handle up to 363 U.S. tons of payload.

This high-capacity transport module can be used in combinations to comfortably handle the most difficult tasks in intralogistics. SPMT PowerHoss 330 modules are ready for immediate use and offer up to 40% more stability than comparable products, said Scheuerle.

Scheuerle is a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family from Heilbronn, Germany.

Until now, Scheuerle has offered SPMT PowerHoss modules that have two axles (93.5-USt payload capacity) and four axles (192.4-USt payload capacity). The newest version expands the range of models to six axles and 363 US tons.

Scheuerle’s versatile PowerHoss SPMT modules can be used together in plug-and-play combinations that can be controlled mechanically or electronically. They can be coupled laterally and longitudinally, or in loose mode. Together, four PowerHoss 330 SPMTs can move a load weighing 1,452 USt.

Ready to Use

Due to the PPU drive unit (Power Pack Unit) integrated into the transport platform, the PowerHoss SPMT can be used immediately, and the operator needs only brief training. The unit’s 9’10” width offers 40% more stability than comparable 8’0” container-wide solutions, said Scheuerle.

Maneuverable Indoor and Outdoor Use

The unit is maneuverable and easy to use. It works indoors and outdoors on a wide range of surfaces, from gravel to asphalt, concrete, and other material. The pendulum axle bogie unit’s high degree of compensation eliminates the need to reload when transporting a load from a building into open spaces. The PowerHoss SPMTs are designed for use in shipyards, construction, power plants, mining, the steel industry, and the petrochemical sector.

Proven Technology

SPMT PowerHoss transport modules are based on the technology of the SPMT series, which has proven over decades. That includes the pendulum axle chassis’ robust construction and the electronic multi-directional steering system.


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