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New Video Highlights Fuel Savings, Reduced Maintenance of Kohler KSD Engines

July 10, 2022 – Kohler has launched video explaining the technical details of its KSD (Kohler Small Displacement) engine, which was rolled out last November and earned a Diesel of the Year award in March.

Kohler says the KSD engine delivers high performance with easy maintenance and low cost of ownership.

The low total cost of ownership comes in part from optimized fuel consumption that Kohler says averages 6% to 8% less than that of competitors. The KSD’s electronic management enables precise fuel metering that reduces oil and fuel requirements, thus preventing oil dilution and heavy soot contamination.

Longer maintenance intervals also contribute to the KSD’s low total cost of ownership. They let KSD customers save on spare parts and run the engine longer without performing maintenance that would add to the total cost of ownership. That’s possible because the KSD is designed to see maximum life from each component.

The KSD’s oil filter has a service interval of 500 hours, twice as long as its competitors’ average of 250 hours.

In addition to the standard 3.7-liter (3.9-qt.) oil pan, an optional 5.3-liter (5.6-qt.) oil pan and oil and fuel filters ready for 1,000-hr. intervals are also available for more demanding duty cycles.

Also standard is the heavy-duty poly V-belt with a 2000-hr. life. That’s up to 4 times as long as the average belt replacement of competitors. In addition, the hydraulic adjusters require no adjustment. All this is covered by KSD’s 3-year warranty, which guarantees up to 6,000 hrs. of protection.

Kohler said that with the KSD it wanted to go further, so the company offers an optional extra sensor that allows real-time monitoring of oil condition. The OCM (Oil Condition Monitor)  detects and reports the end of the oil life cycle, based on viscosity and oxidation. The sensor integrates into the existing CANbus, ECU, and on-board display so that oil condition can always be kept under control. It optimizes maintenance and makes it predictive, which helps reduce downtime.

Any operator will benefit from the significant long-term operating cost reductions by integrating oil condition monitoring into its maintenance strategy.

It all helps make KSD engines productive and more economical to own and operate.

When maintenance is needed, it can be done with only two tools: a band spanner to remove the oil and diesel filters, and a belt-stretcher to remove and fit the alternator fan belt.

Along with the incredible performance and capabilities of the KSD, Kohler also supports OEMs and end customers with two smart functions, which give the ability to develop or integrate functions such as prognostics, diagnostics, geolocation, or remote engine monitoring.

To monitor engine performance, Kohler has developed KIRA (Kohler Integrated Remote Analytics), a new, easy-to-use diagnostic experience.

When connected to the system by a cable, KIRA allows diagnosis, flashing, recording, and use of technical documentation.

Alongside KIRA, Kohler offers a free maintenance app for smartphones. Kohler CheckApp provides the user with a comprehensive library of technical manuals and videos, and a customized maintenance program based on usage. With CheckApp, it is also possible to purchase spare parts directly from the app.

Download the KSD video here.


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