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Crane Hot Line

New Winches for Potain Tower Cranes Deliver Top Performance

October 10, 2018 - Manitowoc has unveiled a new range of High Performance Lifting (HPL) winches that bring new speed, control, and efficiency to the company’s Potain tower cranes.

Innovative design and frequency-control technology let HPL winches optimize energy consumption while offering more choices of hoisting speed.

Manitowoc says that HPL winches dramatically increase productivity by offering up to twice the lifting speed of Potain’s older 75 LVF winch.

At the other end of the scale, HPL winches’ creep speeds go twice as slow as those of the 75 LVF for precise load placement.

New motor-brake management and new architecture that makes maintenance easier, improve overall operator comfort, build quality, and precision load placement.

The improved performance, reduced power consumption, and easier maintenance all help optimize operating cost. Also, the Power Control function can limit the maximum electric power required to operate a crane without affecting low-load and no-load working speeds.

The models in the new winch range: 75 HPL 25, 75 HPL 30, 75 HPL 35, and 75 HPL 40.

Rope-spooling capacities range from 1,768’ to 3,136’, and the HPL winches can be used with a wide range of Potain cranes, including the latest topless and luffing-jib models. Compatible models:  MDT 349 L16, MDT 389 L16, MR 295 H16, MR 225A, MDT 249 J12, and MDT 269 J10.


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