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Crane Hot Line

Orlaco Names Empire Crane Preferred Partner


February 12, 1019 - Specialized camera system maker Orlaco has named Empire Crane Co., N. Syracuse, New York, as a preferred partner serving the northeastern United States.

As a preferred partner, Empire Crane will sell and support Orlaco's camera-and-monitor systems that enhance vision to increase safety, efficiency, and comfort for operators of cranes and other heavy equipment.  


Orlaco's innovative camera monitor systems offer additional safety and efficiency by providing a view of winches, hooks, and loads, and the areas behind or to the side of the machine.

In addition, vision solutions provide more comfort for the operator, who will not have to depend as much on receiving instructions.

Orlaco systems allow the operator to react immediately if there are people or objects in the crane's vicinity.


An Empire Crane representative said, "Cameras are now a huge part of jobsite safety. We are excited to be supporting such a great product that helps keep everyone safer and prevent accidents."

Empire Crane is headquartered in N. Syracuse, New York, with branches in Boston, Massachusetts, and Bridgewater, New Jersey (metropolitan New York City).



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