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OZ Lifting Unveils Stainless Steel Lever Hoist


OZ Lifting Products LLC, based in Winona, Minnesota, has introduced the first stainless steel lever hoist in North America. This innovative addition comes in capacities ranging from 0.25 to 3 tons and offers unparalleled durability and versatility.

Available in various tonnages and lift lengths, including 5 ft., 10 ft., 15 ft., and 20 ft., the stainless-steel lever hoist complements OZ Lifting's existing range of type 304 stainless steel products, including chain hoists, push beam trolleys, and beam clamps.

Designed to meet the demands of rigorous industries, such as water treatment, pharmaceuticals, food production and mining, the type 304 stainless steel used in this hoist boasts exceptional corrosion resistance. Its smooth, non-porous surface not only simplifies maintenance but also ensures hygiene in sensitive environments.

“Our stainless manual hoists have been very successful, so it was a natural next step to extend the line to include lever hoists. The hoist offers increased resistance to wear and tear, meaning it has a longer lifespan, reducing replacement costs, even when subject to repeated use,” Steve Napieralski, president at OZ Lifting, said.

“This capacity range will likely suit most applications but, as always, we will listen to the supply chain, and if we get inquiries for larger sizes, we will certainly add them.”

Featuring a lightweight and user-friendly design, the lever hoist is ideal for confined spaces and offers effortless operation. Its unique configuration, including food-grade grease meeting NSF H1 standards, ensures suitability for food-related applications without risking contamination.

Key features such as a free wheel for quick adjustments, 360-degree handle rotation, and a Weston-style brake system enhance its functionality. Additionally, forged hooks, stainless steel riveted identification tags, twin-pawl design, sealed roller bearing, and rubber grip further distinguish this hoist.


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