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Pilot Car Association Works on Portal for Verifying Pilot Car Certification

Nov. 12, 2022 - The National Pilot Car Association (NPCA) is working toward developing a central location to provide access to information that would verify a pilot car operator’s certification credentials.

“Fourteen states require pilot car operators to be certified, and there is no easy way to verify that a certification is true and valid,” said Bill Wegrzyn, president of NCPA.

Currently, NPCA has received access to certification information from Washington, Arizona, and Oklahoma, and is working with officials in Colorado, Utah, and Florida.

The goal is to provide verification of name, certification number, city, state, and date of expiration of the certification.

While the project is ongoing, NPCA encourages employers, transportation companies, and pilot car brokers to contact the individual government agency that oversees pilot car certifications.

See Table 7 State Pilot Certification Programs on the US DOT Federal Highway Administration website for links.


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