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Rolling Lift Can Reduce Size of Crane for Rooftop Air Conditioners

 July 19, 2020 - The RTU-2500 from RTULift Systems safely and easily handles a commercial HVAC unit weighing up to 2,500 lbs. (the typical weight of a unit rated to handle 27 tons of air).

The RTU-2500 attaches to the unit and lets a crew of two easily roll it across a roof to its installation spot.

So instead of needing a crane that can reach out 50', 100’, or more over the roof to the installation point, users just need a crane large enough to get the air conditioner over the edge of the roof. That can mean needing a boom truck instead of a large all-terrain crane.

All the RTU2500’s components are modular and serviceable. Each wheel can be taken off by removing by a single 1/2" bolt for servicing or to reduce weight.

Each component weighs 35 lbs. or less and fits easily through a roof hatch, so it can be carried from the ground to the roof and back down by hand if needed.

Setup is quick. The RTU-2500 can be attached on the ground before the crane lifts the air conditioner to the roof, or can be attached when the air conditioner has been lifted to the roof.

Setup simply takes attaching brackets to the air conditioner with 1/2" bolts, then bolting the sleeves and pinning in the uprights.

The 8.5" x 18.5" fixed wheels and 10” dual swivel caster wheels have roller bearing for easy rolling, and enable a 0° turning radius.

Two people can maneuver the RTU-2500 and air conditioner and raise or lower the unit with four corner jacks each rated at 5,000 lbs.

The lift’s inventor and RTULift owner Tony Stellabuto is a professional air conditioner installer. He created the RTU-2500 to help make his operation more efficient and easier, and he is now offering them for sale.

Says Stellabuto, “There are no electrical or battery components to maintain, no chainfalls, no I-beams, and no trolleys to keep out of the weather. It’s a simple, reliable, and effective system for moving AC units from roof edge to installation point.”



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