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Scale and Control Inc. Will Soon Release Telematics Hardware, Database Solution

July 23, 2018 - Scale and Control Inc. (SCI), Houston, Texas, will soon release a telematics hardware solution and an accompanying database solution. The system will help small and large fleet operations that want to control fleet costs effectively, reduce maintenance costs and issues, and quickly locate their valuable assets.


SCI’s hardware will let users monitor remote equipment live or nearly live, depending on the hardware and monitoring plan they select. Users will be able to set alarms and receive alerts by email or text so they can act immediately. Alerts can be for simple items such as high temperature, low fuel, or low oil pressure. But they can also be sophisticated, such as for a decrease in fuel level while the equipment isn’t running. The hardware can view all relative CANbus data. Unlike competitive solutions, SCI’s system lets users set custom CANbus parameters.  


The base hardware system connects by Wi-Fi, and offers the option of Wi-Fi and cellular communication. Where Wi-Fi connection is available, the system can move key machine information without the cost of a cellular plan. The cellular hardware option can provide affordable large-volume data monitoring, and SCI can provide domestic and international cellular data plans.

The system gives users the tools to manage vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and remote vehicle interaction.

SCI’s database allows users to set up key monitoring metrics that allow their fleet manager to make crucial decisions on managing fleet costs and equipment use. Users can easily locate an asset on the map feature, see breadcrumbs, and geofence assets.

Usage of the SCI telematics system can increase equipment uptime and improve operator performance and safety.



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